Atiyana Evelyn

Board Member

Atiyana is currently a marketing manager at a top active asset management company, Capital Group. She is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and received both her undergraduate and MBA at Washington University in St. Louis. She still has lots of midwestern pride.

With years of experience at companies like Express Scripts and Frito-Lay, she has been able to bring her passion for marketing to her newfound passion for finance. Throughout her career, her main focus has been building brands at a product level all the way to the overall business brand. Making a pivot to finance, however, has shifted her career path to more than just brand building.

During her time at Capital Group, she has found a great interest in financial literacy, and giving back to communities that may lack that knowledge. The financial services industry has shown her that it isn’t always a lack of funds that people have, rather a lack of knowledge of what to do with her funds. As a new Los Angeleno, she spends most of her time getting to know the community and volunteering at financial literacy events sponsored by her work.

Her goal at BCIF is to continue advance financial literacy within the black community, while always sharing wealth to businesses in need.