Lorraine Estime – 2023 Donor Spotlight

The child of Haitian immigrants who settled in Miami, Florida in the 60s-70s, attorney Lorraine Estime is no stranger to working hard, honoring her origins and giving back.   She has been an engaged supporter of BCIF for 6 years – nearly since its inception.   Of her reasoning for ongoing support, she remarked, “The black dollar is powerful and my goal is to keep it circulating within the black community.”

Lorraine’s father, the late Dr. Jean-Andre Estime, was a well-respected doctor in the North Miami community.  Dr. Estime, she recalls, deliberately kept his practice’s fees low to service more patients – most of whom did not have health insurance.  This endeared him to the community.  Her father’s generosity and compassion left an indelible impression.  In her youth, Lorraine would discover a passion for civil service that would lead her to pursue a career in law.  She completed her law degree in London, England at City University London and her L.L.M. in Entertainment Law at USC Gould School of Law.

It was around that time (circa 2018) Lorraine says she first learned of The Black Cooperative Impact Fund’s trailblazing efforts in support of the Southern California Black business community.  She did so by way of an EventBrite invite to attend a Salon Series featuring noted entertainment attorney, Nina Shaw, as a keynote speaker.  At the time a new attorney, Lorraine’s never forgotten that event.  Moreover, her exposure to BCIF  inspired her to become a donor.   Lorraine noted, “I love the idea of giving back to my community by funding microloans to small Black-owned businesses.”

As BCIF nears its 8-year anniversary, Lorraine is most proud of how exponentially the organization has grown.  She likes the fact that the organization has recently doubled down its efforts to engage its base, citing “donor outreach and relations” as “key to longevity.”  To anyone considering an ongoing financial contribution, Lorraine says, “Don’t think twice about it.  Just do it!”