Time to Spring Ahead With BCIF!

This season is a natural phenomenon with its boundless capacity for renewal and vitality.

Akin to Mother Nature in springtime, we encourage aspiring Black entrepreneurs to cultivate their roots and sprout like tulips in marvelous perennial fashion.

Notably, the number of Black-owned businesses has grown exponentially, even before the pandemic business boom, according to The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In fact, The Census Bureau’s 2022 Annual Business Survey showed there were 161,031 Black-owned businesses in 2021, a nearly 20% increase between 2019 and 2021.

With that said, here are fresh ideas to help empower your entrepreneurial spirit:

“If companies only build transactional relationships, people may enjoy and love their widget, but they won’t have their hearts. And if you don’t have their hearts, you can ultimately be replaced.” – Pernell Cezar, CEO and Co-Founder of BLK & Bold

“Emotional intelligence will make or break your leadership journey with your team and clients.” – Sherrill Dorsey, Founder of TP Insights

“You need to practice self-care to be emotionally prepared to lead others” – Wayne Sutton, Founder and CEO of The Icon Project

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