Recipient Spotlight: One-on-One with Tony Rice, II of Sivil Technologies!

A civil world is a safer world. And, a safer world is conducive to a happier world. Don’t you agree? Fortunately, Los Angeles-based Sivil Technologies, Inc. is helping to make it a lot easier for public safety and state/local government organizations (fire service, law enforcement, corrections, emergency medical services (EMS), and more) to serve communities throughout Los Angeles by means of cloud computing technology that  involves two-way communication, and caring people like you! More specifically, this incredible organization [Sivil Technologies Inc.,] has ingeniously pioneered a software as a service (SaaS) platform powered by AWS GovCloud, which supports a case management system designed to help ensure that public officials are doing a great job—alongside of vigilant community members who are also striving for peaceful, safe  communities. With that said, let’s now take a closer look at this fascinating community-driven system that’s taking public safety to a new level. Not to mention, its brilliant CEO/Founder, Mr. Tony Rice II.

Did you know that police misconduct costs cities and counties billions of dollars annually, impacting 10s of 1000s of people? However, in spite of these staggering statistics, Sivil Technologies, Inc., is aiming to make a positive difference in hopes of creating a safer world for everyone through its eponymous innovative software named Sivil. So, exactly what is it? Great question! Having been coined the next generation of public safety software products, Sivil functions similarly to a friendly assistant who helps public officials and residents report and keep track of what’s happening in their neighborhoods. For example, let’s say you just witnessed a police officer assisting an elderly local couple with changing a flat tire and would like to shine a light on that noble deed. Well, thanks to Sivil, you could submit a complimentary note via its case management system to give a shoutout to that noble public servant. Conversely, if you witnessed that same police officer committing a reprehensible act, you’d also be empowered to file a complaint against the officer, ensuing an investigation and subsequent corrective action. Whatever the situation may be, Sivil, is a user-friendly case management solution to enhance public safety software in just three easy steps.

Without further ado, let’s meet Sivil’s founder: Mr. Tony Rice II. Born in Riverside, CA, Rice has a multicultural background rooted in Haiti and Deep South. Both of his parents are Marines, which caused Rice and his family to relocate several times during his childhood—equipping him with diverse experiences that richly broadened his horizons and would greatly impact his future success. Having been inspired by his father, who was also an entrepreneur, at the age of 17, Rice started his first business. Years later, Rice worked as IT protect manager and then went on to develop other businesses, including a civil consulting firm, Electric Street. Nonetheless, after working for municipalities in California including the city of San Luis Obispo, and Burbank, just to name a couple, Rice was enabled to cultivate his interests for working in government, engendering many pivotal developments that ultimately led to a massive breakthrough with Sivil in 2020.

In the coming years, Sivil is slated to become a leading support figure in public safety software technology, with an endgame to help everyone feel safe(r) in their communities. In fact, Rice envisions many wonderful outcomes and possibilities from Sivil Inc., such as becoming an IPO, going global, and most importantly, realizing the day when police misconduct is drastically reduced, or virtually nonexistent—the later of these three is very important with Rice being an uncle of eight nieces and nephews; therefore, he is determined to help make this world a safer place for them as well as everybody else. Additionally, as it pertains to making life better for others, Rice said if he ever won the lottery, he’d give a generous portion to his parents, siblings, and of course, pay off debts.

Lastly, Rice credits The Black Cooperative Impact Fund for helping to contribute key funding to help support his entrepreneurial dream. Needless to say, BCIF is god send for black aspiring entrepreneurs like Rice. Together we can all make this world a better place.

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