Royale Coalition: Where Narrative Film Meets Branded Content

Royal Coalition logo over image of cameraman

Join us in welcoming the latest BCIF microloan recipient ready to take the world by storm. Royale Coalition is a dynamic Black-owned mixed media production powerhouse, specializing in captivating narrative filmmaking and cutting-edge branded content. 

Filmmakers on-set with the Royale Coalition

Their portfolio boasts collaborations with industry giants such as Disney, Mielle Organics, BET, and an impressive lineup of self-penned, directed, and produced films, including the award-winning indie gem, “On the Line,” released this year. We are absolutely thrilled to back these exceptional Los Angeles creatives as they continue to share breathtaking visual stories that resonate with, celebrate, and empower the Black community.

Filmmakers on-set with the Royale Coalition

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